I am Adam Tempesta.

I’m an illustrator & graphic designer living in Turin, Italy.
I specialize in everything related to graphic design and communications.

For work, requests, or just if you want to say hi,
you are very welcome to do so.
Please, write to me at adamotempesta@gmail.com

︎ Biography

I graduated as an advertising graphic designer at the Albe Steiner institute in Turin, after which I won a scholarship to attend the IED (European Institute of Design) where I graduated with full marks.

In 2015 I started a collaboration with the Truly Design studio specialized in anamorphic murals where I was able to work on large graphic subjects directly on the wall using paints, rollers and brushes.

I published my first graphic novel, Itero Perpetuo, with Eris Edizioni in 2016 which was reviewed positively by Rolling Stone Italia, Wired, Rai and Il Fatto Quotidiano. In 2017 won the “Best cover design award” at the Padova Comic Book Festival.

From 2017 to 2018 I worked as an executive graphic designer for BasicNet Spa, a company based in Turin and operating all over the world that owns the brands of Kappa, Kway, Superga where I mainly dealt with pre-press, printing, graphic applications on clothing and window stickers.

In 2018 I publish my second graphic novel, Inerzia, with Eris Edizioni which is positively reviewed by Rolling Stone Italia and Art Tribune.
From 2018 to 2019 I deepened the world of industry and textile embroidery working for companies outside BasicNet Spa in the creation of embroidery for clothing and redesigning embroidery graphics for the Italian national ski team.
Since 2019, I have decided to continue my path by offering my services as an external professional, working for various Italian realities - Corriere della Sera, Eris Edizioni, Vogue Italia, Municipality of Turin, Fluentify, Menelique, Ars Media - and foreign - Mummu London animation studio and Seed Animation studio.

About me

I can explain it because I know how to do it.

My work is also my great passion.
II have always considered the figure of the "advertiser" very charismatic and important having seen it as a child, thanks to my father, the works of Armando Testa, a well-known advertising graphic designer from Turin, my city. What I liked about the advertiser was the concept of his figure, that is an artist with great technical skills, versatile, cultured, capable of communicating to everyone in an intelligent, creative, beautiful to look way and in a short time.
My personal vision of the "advertiser" that I had as a child has now evolved but his concept has remained the same: an artist who makes his talent available. I wanted this as a child and that's what I'm doing. I consider myself an artist who is respected at a professional level who, like Mr. Wolf of Reservoir Dogs, is called upon to solve problems (and is paid to do it). In all my work experiences, whether they were good or bad, I have always wanted to feel part of a crew of navigators that explores, a team that competes with the world, where there are no winners or losers but only those who can teach you to learn better.

So that's why I say I am a graphic designer, because I consider myself as a sum of skills, because the graphic designer is an artist who makes his talent, his art and his experience available to make the world more beautiful, interesting, shrewd and fun.

Publications & Exhibitions

Publications and collaborations as an artist.
- Itero Perpetuo Graphic novel, Eris Edizioni, 2016.
- Inerzia Graphic novel, Eris Edizioni, 2018
- Un giorno per caso Double page, Il Corriere della Sera, 2017.
- Lo Scrigno Double page, Il Corriere della Sera, 2019.
- AFA Megamix - Ivo & the Manciolers Artistic collaboration with collective A.F.A, Milan, 2019.
- Disegni da Fatto Self-production, 2019.
- L’avventura segreta di Marco Romboi Self-production, 2020.
- La Natura del Parafulmine Illustrations for album by Lorenzo Palmieri, 2019.
- Detective Faccia di Pizza Self-production, 2020.
- Stop HIV Artistic collaboration with BePart and Gilead, 2021.

Exhibitions as an artist.
- MAUA 2019
Augmented reality exhibition of two of my street art works, Turin, 2019.
- Energia Oscura
Personal art exhibition @ Spazio211, Turin, 2020.
- Stop HIV
Augmented reality exhibition works for Stop HIV in collaboration with BePart and Gilead, Milan, 11/2021.