Itero Perpetuo
My first graphic novel published in 2016 by Eris Edizioni (Italy).

Style: Psy-Fi (Psychic fantasy) / Science Fiction / Surreal
408 pages

The story features an astronaut who wakes up after a plane crash, but does not remember anything about what happened. The only thing he remembers is that he must return home to his family. In his help, there will be a strange character, a space chicken, who will decide to help him find his way back home, through a space and psychedelic journey full of dangers.

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Cover of the book and jacket 

Cover front + back

A fluorescent screen printing has been applied to the jacket to make the book glow in the dark!

My second graphic novel published in 2018 by Eris Edizioni (Italy).

Style: Psy-Fi (Psychic fantasy) / Surreal
290 pages
The story of this book was completely conceived, written and drawn by me. Eris Edizioni followed me during the editing of the project.

The story features a girl who, to escape from some bad guys, takes refuge in a psychedelic hotel in the middle of the woods, but once inside the hotel, it is not possible to leave until after having gone through it all. The girl is facing this surreal place, while being chased by the bad guys, where each room leads to a different world, accompanied by a silent guardian.

Book cover