Here you can find my most recent illustrations. I’m always in a constant research, so I didn't feel like putting all of my works together in one page. To find out more about my works, I suggest you to follow my Behance

Torino 1992-2020
This is a series of illustrations made for Le Fauci, a site about art, comicbooks and illustrations. The project is called "Torino 1992-2020" and it’s a illustrated retrospective interview about Turin, the city where i live, through his most suggestive statues.
SkyArt has dedicated a section regarding this illustrated interview.

About the project
The aim of the project is to tell about Turin, a mystical city, at the center of triangles of black and white magic through its statues, silent guardians of the city.
Statue of Castore at Palazzo Reale, Turin.

Statue of Polluce at Palazzo Reale, Turin.

Statue of The Angelic Fountain at Piazza Solferino, Turin.

Statue of The Fallen Angel at Piazza Statuto, Turin.

Statue of River Dora at CLN Plaza, Turin.

Statue of River Po at CLN Plaza, Turin.

Statue of The Faith at Gran Madre, Turin.

Statue of The Religion at Gran Madre, Turin.

Statue of Emanuele Filiberto at Piazza San Carlo, Turin.

Statue of Ferdinando di Savoia at Piazza Solferino, Turin.