Work for the municipality of Venaria Reale, municipality of the city of Turin.

Nodo D’Amore / Municipality of Turin logo design

For the creation of this logo, I was inspired by the Love Knot (or Savoy Knot), the historic emblem that appears on the Annunziata's Collar, a solid gold necklace that was given to the knights of the order of the Black Swan.
The knot in question is a symbol of fidelity, purity and is one of the most used and common knots in boating and can be found painted on the pebbles at the entrance to the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale, the historic family residence. For its rebranding, the city of Venaria Reale asked me to find a contemporary logo solution that is full of history and meaning, which could be easily adaptable to any eventuality, whether it was minimal, but also visually interesting.

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