Murals done during my collaboration with Truly Design studio in Turin, Italy. Design and concept of the murals by Truly Design Studio.

Golden Griffin

Anamorphic mural painted for Magic City street art fair in Dresden, Germany.

︎ Click / touch and side scroll ︎

Bend the line

Anamorphic mural painted to advertise the Grandiôse Liner for LANCÔME in Paris, France.

Space Oddity

Anamorphic mural painted in VF headquarter’s in Stabio, Switzerland.


Anamorphic murals painted for the studio's personal exhibition at the
Ettore Fico Museum (Turin, Italy).

BCG Boston Consulting Group

Pair of anamorphic murals painted in the Boston Consulting Group headquarters in Milan, Italy.

Salone del Mobile Milano

Anamorphic mural painted on the occasion of Salone del Mobile fair for a private stand in Milan, Italy.

Studio mural

Anamorphic murals of the studio painted in the studio headquarter.

Heart of gold (goodbye mural)

This was the last one. Goodbye Truly and take care 🥂️ *cheers sound*