About the project
L’avventura segreta di Marco Romboi (Marco Romboi's Secret Adventure) is a comic book that was published between April and May 2020 on my Instagram profile. The publication took place every Friday, between 18:30 and 19:00 PM. The day after, on Saturday, the episode was collected and sorted in the featured stories. You can find the full story right here, on my IG profile.

I chose to publish this comicbook on my Instagram profile to experiment new forms of publication, moreover, the comic was published during the Covid-19 lockdown.Having time available and storyboards already made, I thought of taking the opportunity to dedicate time to this project, having fun, experimenting and keeping my Instagram profile active. The comic was entirely conceived, written and drawn without editing and supervising of my editors. You can think of this project as a sort of experimental self-production.

This comicbook mix surreal and metaphysical elements in the nightlife of Turin (my city, in Northen Italy). The surreal elements have the intent to accentuate the metaphysics of the dynamics of nightlife made of a multitude of lives that intertwine under the silent cloak of the night.

If you are interested in reading the story, please visit my Instagram profile.

If you are interested in deepening this metaphysical project, I suggest you to visit my Behance

Comic book cover
The story tells of Marco a jealous and anxious boy who is facing, accompanied by the Jesus Man, all his romantic paranoia through a metaphysical Turin to reach his girlfriend, Valentina, who awaits him together with the ghosts of her exes, at the “Giancarlo” a famous club at the “Murazzi” a historical and famous place in the Turin nightlife.

The main characters: Marco Romboi, Valentina and the Jesus Man

All the covers used as posts to promote the comic book

The wall of cartoons
All the cartoons of the story. In total they are 221.