I am a freelancer illustrator, graphic designer and cartoonist. In my experience, being a freelancer means doing a lot of works, also doing jobs you wouldn't like to do, such as working in a factory, being a waiter or printing on shirts. Only in the last year I decided to fully follow my freelancer career, but before becoming a freelancer I did any type of work and I always carried out all my artistic and personal projects at any cost. Although I was engaged in a creative studio or in a factory (or now in my studio), I want to realize myself for what I am and what I do best: be a creative.
Here you will find some of my works that best represent me on a technical but also creative level, despite the strict work and commission guidelines.
The order of the works is from the most recent to the oldest.

Kid Simius
Some cover proposal for Kid Simius from Jirafa Records and his 2020 EPs, “El Rio” and “We Like to Party”.

Kid Simius is an electronic music artist, DJ and Spanish producer. He asked me to develop some ideas for his new EP’s in a very free way, leaving me carte blanche. So I thought of inserting graphic references and relaxed photographs from glossy magazines to accentuate relaxation and a sense of abandonment to the party.

Vogue Italy
An experimental collaboration made for Vogue with one of his official photographer Andrea Artemisio. This collaboration was supervised by Emanuele Farneti, Art Director of Vogue Italy. Photo: Andrea Artemisio

This photo shoot was entirely made in the metro terminus of the new Milan metro line, the M6 "pink line". The photos were taken by the official Vogue photographer Andrea Artemisio and his crew. I was on the set, drew live on the photos that were taken, proposing surreal solutions. The entire service was then supervised by Emanuele Farneti, art director of Vogue Italia.

Graphic Adaptations
Graphic adaptation of the book "Prison Pit" by Johnny Ryan, originally published by Fantagraphic Books in the USA, was published here in Italy by Eris Edizioni

My task in this work was to redesign all the onomatopoeias, chapters and cartoons (that in the original language were in English) in Italian. I therefore had to study the style of the cartoonist Johnny Ryan and apply his style to everything that had to be redesigned from the translation. The choice to graphically adapt by drawing was a choice chosen by Eris Edizioni, to ensure that the Italian editions were as genuine as the English original.

Storyboard styling
Search for a stylistic solution for the development of a storyboard for an animation video carried out for the creative studio Mummu London

I had the opportunity to study the characterization of the characters and the style of the storyboard for an animated video on the deepening of a medical-scientific research.

Post production
Some post production of photographs for the creative studio Truly Design

Truly Design studio mainly deals with wall paintings for private individuals, exhibitions and in the public sector, mainly in the city of Turin. Here you can see some "before and after" of the photographs, used both as an application base for murals proposals, or as photographs for the press office.

These photos are paintings done for their personal exhibition at the Turin museum Ettore Fico
Original photo

Post production

Original photo

Post production

Character design development of collectibles
Development of character design and study of toys.

Studies and illustrations made for Truly Design during my experience in their studio. The basic idea was to create small toys which parts could be interchanged by creating hybrid animals. For clarity: I do not hold any rights on these images regarding the concept or the operation. These images that I propose are only a stylistic demonstration of my illustration skills.